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Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks, Senior Pastor

Growing, Glowing & Going for Christ!

About Us

      Introducing our children and youth to God in a way that is both exciting and engaging is essential for growing their faith in, love of, and reverence for God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Often times, if youth aren’t engaged during adult worship services they tune out, perhaps having brought paper and pen to draw on or they may simply fall asleep never truly knowing that there is something for them in God long before their adult years. Youth ministry allows volunteers and leaders to assist you, the parent, in equipping your child with the tools and the time needed to experience God in a more tangible way. In return you’ll find joy and peace in saying that “as for me and my ENTIRE house, we WILL serve the Lord!”

      To inquire more about our youth ministry or to become a student or adult volunteer, please contact Lady Shonda Brooks at LadyShonda@LivingFinished.com or admin@LivingFinished.com.

Providing A Safe Space

In an effort to provide a safe space for our children and to protect the church, 

all parents are asked to sign a Liability Waiver before your child may participate. 

In addition, parents are asked to take their child to the restroom prior to Youth Ministry; no children will be escorted to the restroom. Youth who need to use the restroom during Youth Ministry will be escorted back to their parents. Save time... download, print and sign the liability waiver below.