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Kingdom Life


Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks, Senior Pastor

A-Life (AbundantLife) Youth Group (9th-12th Grades)

Maybe you've grown up in the church and you're looking for more connection with God and understanding of the Christian faith. Perhaps you're new to the whole God/church thing and you're looking for direction, support, and answers to your burning questions. Yet still, maybe most of your friends have joined that seemingly super cool and awesome youth group (cough...cough...wink) and talk about all the fun they have, that one time they challenged the youth leader to a double cartwheel and she face planted in front of everyone in an epic fail, or perhaps they are all just starting to act differently; more mature, having intellectual theological conversations, and now your interest is piqued. Don't second guess yourself. Join A-Life for Bible study focused on topics that matter to you or a chill say during a Saturday Social around the fire pits with good food and fun. Are you ready? For info send us an email directly at KLCYouthGroup@gmail.com , reach out to the church at Admin@LivingFinished.com, or DM our youth ministry on IG @KLCYouthMinistry. 

Grab a friend and join us for Bible Study! 

2021 Bible Study Topics...

*What Is Sin?                        

*What Is Salvation?

*Set Apart: Gender & Sexuality

*God's Kingdom

*Dating vs. Courting

*Prayer & Worship

*What Is Love?

*God, Faith, & Mental Health

*And topics YOU suggest!!!

While You're Waiting for the Next Bible Study...Check Out This Short Video On God & The Trinity!

A-Life is seeking:

  • 2 Student Co-Leads
  • 2 Social Media Curators for IG
  • 2 Hospitality Leads
  • Musicians (Drums/Guitar/Keys)
  • School Ambassadors

Inquire via email/DM/Text

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Youth Ministry Email: KLCYouthGroup@gmail.com

Email Director of Youth Ministries: LadyShonda@LivingFinished.com

Email Church Admins: Admin@LivingFinished.com