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      Are you interested in putting your gifts and talents to use for God? Do you feel called to ordained ministry? Kingdom Life Cathedral has a number of different ways you can become involved and help us touch lives with the power and love of God! To schedule a meeting email us at admin@livingfinished.com

Shonda R. Brooks, M.A.

       Lady Shonda is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child her family relocated to Richmond, VA where she spent most of her adolescent and adult years. At the tender age of twelve she committed her life to God and embarked on a quest to fully experience and share the greatness of God through wisdom, knowledge and her drive for creative worship and spiritual freedom.

        Lady Shonda is the loving wife of Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks, mother of three (Aislinn, Justus, and Choe), a singer, educator and a dedicated vessel of God with diverse spiritual gifts. She currently holds three degrees and is on the licensure-track with her fourth degree in the field of Professional Counseling. Lady Shonda is ministry-driven and passionate about the academic and spiritual education of our children and teens.

        She operates her own 501c3 nonprofit, The Need2Read Program, Inc., which offers a weekly literacy program to homeless youth in addition to providing other programs and services to multiple communities. In her free time, Lady Brooks enjoys singing, reading, writing, tracing her family history, and exploring the world of DNA in her research.

        Lady Shonda is looking forward to all that God has in store for both her natural and spiritual family!