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Kingdom Life


Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks, Senior Pastor

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Are you interested in serving in ministry?

      Are you interested in putting your gifts and talents to use for God? Do you feel called to ordained ministry? Kingdom Life Cathedral has a number of different ways you can become involved and help us touch lives with the power and love of God! To schedule a meeting email us at admin@livingfinished.com

The Presbytery

       The term presbyter comes from the Greek word presbuteros which means "elder". Presbyter has also been transliterated over the years into the term priest, the meaning of which remains the same, elder. One of the ordained offices of the church, the elders are the "priests" and primary clerical leaders of the local church, charged with the responsibility of governing the affairs of the local church, presiding over the sacraments of our faith and preaching the gospel of our redemption.

      The elders serve the needs of the people and present themselves as examples before the people, of lifestyles of faith and holiness. They lead us in worship, prayer, and sharing our faith, not only with each other but with the world!​​

      If you are interested in or feel a calling to ordained ministry contact the Office of the Bishop to arrange a meeting to discuss the process and your options at Admin@LivingFinished.com.