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Are you interested in serving in ministry?

      Are you interested in putting your gifts and talents to use for God? Do you feel called to ordained ministry? Kingdom Life Cathedral has a number of different ways you can become involved and help us touch lives with the power and love of God! To schedule a meeting email us at admin@livingfinished.com

The Ministerium

      The minister, in our tradition, is a non-ordained title and position given to men and women who have expressed a calling to Holy Orders (ordained ministry). In other churches, this position is often referred to as a "Licensed Minister", although in our church, ministers are not "licensed" they are given what is called a "Letter of Intent" which states the pastor's acknowledgement of the congregants interest in preparing for Holy Orders and grants them the dignity and status of one who is "called out" from among the congregation for preparation to operate in a holy vocation.

      In our church, the title/position of Minister is given to those preparing for both Presbyter (Elder) and Deacon. After a minister has spent a considerable time in preparation for office, he/she is reviewed by a Catechism Council of ordained clergy who will evaluate the candidate's suitability for ordination. Once approved by the Catechism Council the minister is ordained at a public service of Ordination.

      If you are interested in or feel a calling to ordained ministry contact the Office of the Bishop to arrange a meeting to discuss the process and your options at Admin@LivingFinished.com