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Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks, Senior Pastor

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Are you interested in serving in ministry?

      Are you interested in putting your gifts and talents to use for God? Do you feel called to ordained ministry? Kingdom Life Cathedral has a number of different ways you can become involved and help us touch lives with the power and love of God! To schedule a meeting email us at admin@livingfinished.com

The Diaconate

      The term deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos, which means "server" or "one who waits", like a waiter. In the book of Acts, chapter 6, the Apostles realize that there is great tension growing among the assembled disciples with respect to the proper care of some of the widows within their communion. Realizing that they have already been stretched thin between teaching the faith, leading prayers and waiting tables, they call for the people to choose seven men of great qualifications to assist them in the execution of their responsibilities by waiting the tables, ensuring that everyone within the communion had all that they needed and that the ongoing temporal needs of the faithful were attended to so that the Apostles could devote themselves to prayer and the preaching and teaching of the faith.

      As such the office of the deacon was established, to which men and women ‚Äčto this day continue to be ordained to serve God's people, bishops and presbyters; to minister to the sick and needy, assist the priestly offices in celebrating the sacraments of our faith, leading and encouraging the people to believe, and ensuring the prosperity and welfare of the local church property as well as its members.

      If you are interested in or feel a calling to ordained ministry contact the Office of the Bishop to arrange a meeting to discuss the process and your options at Admin@LivingFinished.com.